Patients Speak

We take great pride in providing the utmost in customer service and the best of what special cancer treatment has to offer.

  • Carol I was treated very professionally by Dr. Vijay Kumar Malladi at the practice and was pleased with the outcome of the service. My first choice for cancer treatment every time. Thank you Dr Vijay!
  • R Veeraiah Excellent medical practice, great standard of care and friendly doctors and reception staff. I highly rate Dr Vijay Kumar Malladi as a best oncologist in Hyderabad and best cancer doctor in Hyderabad.
  • P N Rao “I’d highly recommend it to all my family and coworkers. And I’ve definitely recommended it to everybody that I’ve encountered and shared my experiences to them about best cancer doctor in Hyderabad.
  • Shankar Thorough, caring and efficient medical treatment from Dr Vijay. Outstanding service, highly recommended. He has most experience in Oncology diagnosis and top most senior cancer specialist in Hyderabad.